Are you ready to purchase an investment property or home but lack the upfront capital or ability to qualify for a conventional loan? LLH Development & Real Estate has a solution for you: You can borrow the money from us.

As hard lenders, we provide the upfront capital you need to purchase a property. Whether you are an investor who is looking to buy a property at auction and quickly resell it, an investor who wants to buy a distressed home to fix and flip, or an individual with a spotty credit history, we have the cash you need.

What Is Hard Lending?

As a hard money lender, we provide up to 60–85% of the value of the property via a collateral-backed loan. The loan is secured by naming LLH Development & Real Estate as the first position on the deed of trust. This short-term loan, sometimes called a bridge loan, gives buyers the cash needed upfront without traditional credit checks and requirements that banks and financial institutions have. Since many of our borrowers plan to sell the property quickly, they will recoup their investment just as quickly, thus enabling them to repay the loan.

Who Is a Good Candidate to Borrow?

Investors who lack ready capital or have poor credit history are ideal for borrowing money through a hard money lender such as LLH Development & Real Estate. We have the experience in the real estate industry and knowledge of the market to provide funds at the right time and the right price. In fact, for many of our borrowers, we can have the capital available within 1–2 business days. The process is simple and straightforward: You get the money you need to buy the property quickly, and you are able to turn that around for a profit or move into your dream home.

Ready to Get Started?

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